Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What's in a name?

Some day I am hoping that all the people who avidly read my blog (I can dream), will wonder where on earth I got the name "Teddy & Goo" from.  Well, I was deliberating for a long time about a name and it would not come to me.  There are so many good names out there, so many that do just the job with exactly the right amount of whimsy and originality.  One thing I want to do on this blog is to have bursts of being original, but also, to give credit where credit is due - see my previous post, for example.  And I could not think of a name that felt right. Then, this Sunday we were walking along the thicket, which is a wooded pathway between a town and a village near where we live and I started yelling at my children to get going.  "Teddy, Goo!" I shouted.  And then, of course, I had it.
'Teddy' is my first son (not his real name, but a nickname) and 'Goo' is the name that my first son has given my second son and which we've all ended up using (at times and normally when it's just us four).  
So, "Teddy & Goo" has been born.  

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