Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday: Snippets of our days

It seems to be very popular right now to take pictures of little, inconsequential things.  I, for one, love this type of photography and find it far more interesting than smiling photos of happy families, although I'm not averse to seeing these kinds of pictures either.  But isn't it refreshing when looking through, for example, a wedding album, to see photos of details that might have been missed by the bride and groom on the day; a discarded buttonhole, champagne waiting to be poured, you get the gist. 

Every so often, I grab the camera and run round the house snapping away.  When we eventually get round to putting our photo albums together, I hope to include lots of pictures like the ones above, as well as the millions we have of us grinning away at the camera like all those other happy families.  (Although we are going through a stage at the moment of resorting to blackmailing one or both of our children to smile, but that's another blog post.)

So, here are my own inconsequential photos of our everyday life this week.

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