Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I have been trying, over the years, to make my own greetings cards.  Here is a very simple one I made recently with washi tape.  I've seen lots of similar ones on the internet:-

Here is one I made with felt, my favourite material in the whole wide world, which took a bit longer: -
I decided a while ago that I would no longer buy greetings cards because they were so expensive.  This was a pointless promise.  I love buying them as much as I love making them.  It's a bit like deciding that I won't buy a coffee from Costa, and both things cost about the same amount and bring me unreasonable and unbridled amounts of pleasure.

See you in Paper Chase.  

Monday, 7 April 2014


I was going to post a picture of the beautiful cushion cover I'd crocheted.  But I've not crocheted it yet.  Here is what I have done.  Tadah!
I know I need not explain to you what this is.  Why yes, it's obvious.
And Spidey was delighted.  He now has a sarong to wear. . .
. . . and when he gets tired, a cozy blanket.
Readers, there really is no end to my creativity.  I amaze even myself. x